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Cardapper - YouTube C-Dev Channel
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Youtube channel that posts Cardano development tutorials consistently to help people become Cardano devs faster and learn efficiently.


No YouTube channel to consistently post Cardano Development Tutorials that new developers can watch and learn for free.

Impact / Alignment


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Cardapper - YouTube C-Dev Channel

Please describe your proposed solution.

The easy to understand video tutorials will help cardano development learners to learn the most efficient way, a place where they can get the resources instantly and having it on a youtube channel where they could access the contents easily will save up time and eases the learning curve.

The challenge KPIs include easing the learning curve for new cardano developers, and this proposal aims to do exactly that. The Cardapper discord server, telegram and twitter will be posted with all the updates. The comments, conversations and feedbacks from aspiring cardano developers on the youtube and the communication spaces will help in communicating the project outcomes.

You can see videos posted so far -


Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

Attract Devs to the Cardano ecosystem and improve education content in the Cardano ecosystem.

What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

All though we ourselves edited the videos previously, the editing can definitely be improved, and we shall seek guidance from colleagues who do it professionally. Another challenge might be a video taking more time to produce that it was estimated but by having one video per week, videos will be posted without delays.

Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

A video a week.

The research, scripting, editing high quality tutorial consumes 20 Hours.

We are requesting funds to sustain 3 months, so 12 videos in total.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

The hourly rate being $40, it would make $800 a video and for 12 videos it’s $9600.

Quality Mic - $100

1 TB SSD - $150

Studio Decor - $50

So 9900 In total.

By the 12 weeks, we will open a stake pool and fund the channel through stake pool operation and similar systems around the ecosystem to fund the work after the first 12 weeks.

Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

Sam - Gimbalabs Plutus PBL 1st Cohort, Founding Dev & Smart Contract Lead -, Cardano Dapp Dev -

Bharath - Plutus Pioneer, Professor - International Center for Neuromorphic Systems WSU and Cardano Geek.

If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

Yes, to further develop the Channel in the future.

Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

Good constant growth in developer audience on youtube, consistent and quality video posts every week and positive developer feedbacks.

What does success for this project look like?

Happy developers and them finding this helpful in easing the learning curve.

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

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