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Comprehensive NFT Framework Collab

$48,965.00 Received
$48,965.00 Requested
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42 Catalyst proposals address NFT point solutions—yet we lack an overarching DApp strategy to dominate as the de facto NFT platform choice.

Challenge: F3: DApp Creation
completed Awarded 19.586% of the fund.
Proposal Assessor Reviews:
0 (1)
Yes Votes:
₳ 693,000,000
No Votes:
₳ 45,804,734


The 42 proposing teams cover the range of skills and experience needed to build the best possible solution to dominate the NFT space.


Coordinate an NFT DAO that implements all NFT DApp requirements to build a penultimate composable NFT Framework—a WAX Killer on Cardano.

This proposal was approved and funded by the Cardano Community via Project F3: DApp Creation Catalyst funding round.

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