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ADABET.iO |Sports Betting MobileApp
Current Project Status

We will be building the ADABET Apps on mobile to make it easy for users to place bets. The goal is to help enhance user experience and combine it with the system of the ADABET.IO Cardano betting dApp.


Lack of sports betting applications developed on the blockchain platform, many bookmakers’ apps lack transparency and do not guarantee that bettors’ reputation, property, and identity are compromised.

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ADABET.iO |Sports Betting MobileApp

Please describe your proposed solution.

===== Summary of the proposed solution =====

We will be building iOS and Android apps for the ADABET.IO platform, which will make it easy for users to place bets. The goal of the project is to help enhance the user experience on the mobile platform to be better and more loved by the end-users. Combined with the overall system of the ADABET.iO Cardano Betting Dapp project, these mobile applications are built on iOS and Android as clients connected to the platform's system. is a platform project that allows betting on sports competitions such as football, tennis, racing, baseball, golf, and many more… Basically, is a DApp built on the Cardano blockchain and applies WEB3 technology for distributing resources to players and ensuring the integrity of assets for players.

In the platform, tokens will be created specifically for the ecosystem of the players, it is designed to add value to the players as well as the ADABet platform while giving the players more flexibility in the game.

Place bets and pay without depending on cash or credit cards. Players can deposit with $ADA or $ABE (Token of ADABET.IO betting platform) to participate in bets and can withdraw to their wallet anytime.

ADABet is designed with many outstanding and attractive features, leveraging Cardano's decentralized platform for finance and governance combined with the favorite features of traditional staking platforms.

Features like live betting, scoring for winners, prediction betting, pear-to-pear betting, or agent-book (allowing multiple dealers to join and create their own betting floor with their community).

The development team is very excited and enthusiastic about this project, it is expected that this will be a DApp worthy of attention and investment in the Cardano ecosystem, in the future, it will replace traditional betting platforms, present and give players a whole new experience. That's how Cardano blockchain, Web3 technology really changes lives.

===== Detailed explanation of proposed solutions =====

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<u>(*This is a module of the total recommendation of the ADABET.IO |Cardano Betting DApp platform, </u><u>PA/CA needs attention, </u><u>there are sections with the same idea of the solution, solves and there are separate parts between the 2 proposals). </u>

In this proposed module, we build user applications of the ADABET platform on mobile including both Android and iOS operating systems. The ADABET smartphone application is essential, it increases the value of the platform as well as attracts more users, and has a better experience.

ADABET.iO | Sports Betting Mobile App is a decentralized application for sports betting that allows players to create their own accounts, place bets, and self-monitor their wealth management. With most traditional betting platforms relying on bookmakers and focusing entirely on credit card transactions and payment systems, this limits the transparency of bet transactions. Therefore, there are many betting platforms that are established with low reputations, causing damage to players participating on these platforms that lack safety and security.

ADABET.IO leverages WEB3 technology and Cardano blockchain to make staking and payment transactions transparent, increasing the security of customers without needing to verify their identity, and increasing flexibility in payment Deposit and withdrawal assets based on ADA coin.

We are aiming for a broader betting market with a market value approaching $100 billion annually. The global sports betting market size was valued at USD 76.75 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.2% from 2022 to 2030 (*From Grand View Research).

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Specifically, ADABET will address the following issues to completely change the way traditional betting platforms work.

<u>1/ The prestige of the house is guaranteed: </u>

Based on the decentralization of Cardano blockchain technology, players' assets are guaranteed to be intact in the blockchain, and applying smart contracts in staking transactions will create the transparency that the platform transmits. pine cannot do this. That is why the reputation of ADABET for players is very reliable.

<u>2/ Fast deposit and withdrawal time: </u>

Based on the transaction speed on the Cardano blockchain which is real-time and 24/7 ensuring continuous validation of thousands of Cardano nodes, it makes it possible for players to deposit and withdraw ADA coins whenever they want in just a few seconds.

<u>3/ Customer care (DAO): </u>

Currently, traditional platforms still take care of customers according to their time frames without time continuity. To overcome this, ADABET will create a self-governing community (DAO) mechanism that supports players against each other. It helps players with multi-dimensional information and self-learning faster when participating in the platform as well as building their own sharing community, so that the ADABET community will be more and more expanded and attract more people. play from traditional platforms here.

<u>4/ In addition, ADABET also focuses on utilities for players such as: </u>

Diverse odds and easy betting, friendly graphical interface, multi-language support, and especially many attractive promotions and games applying Defi and GameFi decentralized finance We feel that the power of WEB3 and Cardano technology will create an outstanding betting platform that is worth the investment and experience for ADA holders and the global betting community. That makes the Cardano ecosystem really more attractive and entices more people to invest in ADA. It's a better experience for the end-user that benefits the Cardano community and broader ecosystem.

<u>5/ Collaboration:</u>

ADABET's goal in collaborating with bookmakers is to share the outstanding advantages of applying Cardano blockchain technology to betting platforms. Collaborate with leading bookmakers to share the vision and benefits of ADABET. Collaborate and invite investors to the ADABET.IO platform, and participate in shaping the standard for licensing to ADABET agents.

Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

===== Solutions to solve the above specific problem =====

About user experience on mobile apps:

Analyze and select useful and simple features for users, and develop user trends through the ADABET app. Design an impressive user interface and make the user have the best experience on the app. According to statistics and usage of applications across platforms, users often download applications on the Apple store and Google play on mobile devices rather than on PCs because mobile apps are more convenient and experience better than apps. use on PC. That forced us to develop ADABET apps on smartphones and tablets.

About technical solutions:

We will build a server system to operate the Cardano node and Cardano-DB-sync network for the ADABET dApp platform, this will ensure that the dApp APIs connect to the Cardano blockchain continuously and avoid the occurrence of request timeout in the system, and at the same time be autonomous in connecting and pre-built APIs for partners or agents. Design and build tokens to serve in the ecosystem of the betting platform. Build a web server system and database to develop user functions on the platform.

About the dApp content solution:

Design the basic features of the betting platform, while adding new and trending features of the players. Features like live betting will not limit the number of bets in a match, scoring for the winner, prediction betting, peer-to-peer betting, or agent-book (allows multiple dealers to participate and can create their own platform, and bet with their community). This will always create interesting games and form for players (like betting on Football, Basketball, Baseball, Horse Racing, Cricket, Hockey, and Others..). Design tokenomics to attract investors as well as create benefits for players, adding value to the ADABET platform (we call it $ABE coin). It will be used to generate rewards for players, create financial games within the platform, serve investors, market, and reward the product development team. In addition, we apply WEB3 to ensure the ownership of players' assets as well as smart contacts to help transactions in the platform be more transparent and reputable.

Regarding legal solutions:

We are working with reputable licensors as well as major bookmakers to join the global betting market, helping to expand players and increase their benefits. (Cagayan Economic Zone Authority, Isle of Man, PAGCOR..)

The KPIs for the project to go straight to solving the problem are:

  • The number of people downloading the ADABET App (on smartphones, and tablets).
  • The number of wallets that integrate and connect to the ADABET App.
  • The number of transactions extracted and statistics from ADA holders in ADABET App.
  • The number of accounts registered in the ADABET App.
  • The number of regular players on the App. The number of assets of users playing the App.

Communication strategy:

  • We open online AMA sessions with the community to share information about our products. Train or hire regular media KOLs for this dApp.
  • We will build communication channels on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your application.
  • Create content events for the dApp launching.

We believe that with each methodically implemented and communicate content, the ADABET betting platform will be interested and invested by many people, and it will be a new thing to replace the current betting platforms.

What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

===== Risk management, solutions and awareness =====


Apple and Google policies change affecting the deployment of apps to their stores causing time delays for app release to end-users. With many years of experience in developing mobile applications, we understand this, that's why we always update the frequently changing policies of those platforms. We will apply it to building the ADABET application using the latest versions they provide. We always update the latest SDKs and Dev tools as well as the OS that they apply for product development and minimize errors during app deployment.

<u>Technology not yet supported:</u>

The ADABET is designed with many technical pieces deeply involved in the Cardano blockchain technology, which is not easy for new entrants and can make their project look fuzzy. We built our own Cardano Nodes to delve into blockchain engineering and attended IOG Plutus, Marlow, and Haskell courses to keep up to date with the advancement of the Cardano platform. We have a team of 7 software engineers working with blockchain in ADABoys LAB. With the experience from 2 previous funds F7 and F8 we have worked a lot of hours with Cardano, which helps to accumulate a lot of experience. experience correctly identifying the techniques needed to develop this project.

<u>ADA Coin Down:</u>

(As with many of the projects we are developing, concerns about the falling value of ADA) When the crypto market goes down, it affects the price of ADA coin, causing the investment value in project development to decrease, which is inevitable in many projects on Catalyst. With experience from previous Funded when we were funded. We always request a 10% portion of the total project budget for project risk management, and will immediately cash out staff salaries, and expenses for key parts of the project. This ensures that we are not affected much by the price of ADA coins. The rest of the ADA we spend on the project's ADA payments, for testnet or main-net or product listing.

<u>Internal team:</u>

Many projects cannot build their own development team, nor do they have long-term partners because the project does not guarantee large financial resources for outsourcing, which makes many projects on Catalyst develop slowly, it is potentially risky. We are well aware of that and from the moment the proposal was written, it was clearly planned. We build an in-house development team and are always ready for resources to participate in the development of new projects.

Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

===== The Project Roadmap =====

This is part of the mobile application development module in the overall proposed ADABET.IO platform.


  • The ADABET App user experience analysis.
  • Design the functions and content of the App.
  • Design and graphical user interface for ADABET App.
  • Build and set up the development environment App/
  • Install the necessary SDKs and libraries.
  • Build server system of ADABET App.

(In this section the teams involved in development: UX/UI, front-end, and system team)


  • Set up APIs to connect with the ADABET.IO system
  • Integrate Cardano wallet into ADABET App.
  • Programming for the user interface.
  • Coding backend for the system of the App.
  • Developing WEB3 integrated into ADABET App
  • Programming the App functions

(In this section the teams involved in development: UX/UI, frontend, backend, system, and blockchain technical team)


  • Programming smart-contract for building games and transactions.
  • Programming for the user interface on smartphones.
  • Customize the user interface for Tablet devices.
  • Deploy the ADABET App on Android.
  • Launching the ADABET App events promotion and introduction campaign.
  • Released the MVP version of the ADABET App up to Google Play Store.

(In this section the teams involved in development: QA QC, Marketing, frontend, backend, system, and blockchain technical team)


  • Deploy the ADABET App on iOS.
  • Released the MVP version of the ADABET App up to Apple Store.
  • Test and check the quality and fix bugs of the App.
  • Promote the event and let users experience the app before launch.
  • Released ADABET App version 1.0
  • Improve the interface and functionality of the App.

(In this section the teams involved in development: QA QC, frontend, backend, system, and blockchain technical team)

===== Term Success =====

<u>Short-Term Success After 3-6 Months: </u>

  • Complete design of ADABET App functions and content.
  • Complete graphic design of the App user interface.
  • Finished building APIs for connection to ADABET.IO platform.
  • Completed programming the basic functions of the App.
  • Integrate the ADA wallet connection into the App.
  • Release of MVP version of ADABET App on Smartphones and Table.

<u>Short-Term Success After 6-12 Months: </u>

  • Complete smart-contract programming in ADABET App.
  • Complete programming of the App features.
  • Complete testing and debugging of the App.
  • Release ADABET App version 1.0 up to Google play store.
  • Release ADABET App version 1.0 up to the Apple store.
  • Advertise the App to sports betting participants that allow app downloads.

<u>Short-Term Success After 12-24 Months: </u>

  • Reach thousands of ADABET Apps downloaded.
  • Improved functionality of ADABET App.
  • Upgrade to version 2.0 for the App.
  • Go to the top betting App favorite on the app store.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

===== FUND 9 Detail Fund Allocation =====

*These are independent costs for building ADABET applications on smartphones and tablets in both iOS and Android OS.

System Design:

  • Tasks: (Designing servers to communicate with App clients, security applications, and cloud services..)
  • Cost: ~ 170h x ($60/h) = 10,200

Graphics Design:

  • Tasks: (Design UX/UI of App, both smartphones and tablets, collaborate with frontend team to complete graphical interfaces for ADABET applications)
  • Cost: ~ 170h x ($55/h) = 9,350

Blockchain developers:

  • Tasks: (Programming Smart-contact for the app, Build API to connect App with server system running Cardano node, Integrate ADA wallet into App ..)
  • Cost: ~150 x ($80/h) = 12,000

App Frontend Dev:

  • Tasks: (App Functions, UI coding combined with Artist, Design, Backend, QA teams to perfect the product)
  • Cost: ~ 200h x ($60/h) = 12,000

App Backend Dev:

  • Tasks: (Coding API, Database query, Build SDK, Deploy to iOS, Android environment, cooperate with blockchain developer to provide available APIs)
  • Cost: ~ 200h x ($60/h) = 12,000

QA & Testing App:

  • Tasks: (Test App on mobile launching, App functions testing, unit test, security testing, combined with Dev teams to fix bugs and perfect the product)
  • Cost: ~ 140 x ($40/h) = 5,600

Marketing & Legal:

  • Tasks: (Introducing the application to betting players, creating application launch events, training end users ..)
  • Cost: ~ 130 x ($50/h) = 6,500

Hardware & Licences:

  • Tasks: (Build server Application for ADABET App running on the mobile and tablet, config cloud services..)
  • Cost: ~ 6servers x 500$x 6 months = 18,000

Risk Management:

  • Due to labor market volatility as well as cryptocurrency market volatility, we have set aside a budget for this risk of 10% of the project.
  • Cost: ~ 73,650 x 10% = 7,365

Tax(10%) now 0% by support from our government for entertainment content & IT StartUp.

Total budget: $81015

specifically, see this link of ours:

Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

===== Co-Team Members & Experiences =====

Trong Nguyen

Software, cloud engineer, Cardano AC/PA/Proposer, ADA stake pool owner, technology startups.


A software engineer and IT specialist who worked for many big IT tech firms in Japan such as GNT, ISFNet, and IBM. Experienced in software product management, and digital content with 15 years of mobile app, and mobile game development on Android and IOS. Experienced with Cardano technologies. CA and well understand the Catalyst project.

Co-Founder ADAboys LAB.

Founder of Technotes.Asia | Specializing in digital transformation for advanced technology and tech startups.

Founder of Peafone Studio game ( | Develop game content on mobile and applications on smartphones.

Founder of [ATA] Pool (

Proposer funded in F7, F8(cPay, 2MinApp, cBlling, Bwork, IronSky game P2E proposal)


  • Product management.
  • Digital content.
  • Project Management.
  • Software engineer.



Software engineer, programmer, co-proposer

Experience: (10years+ in) Coding, App, APIs, BackEnd, Fullstack, ADABoys_LAB team



Software & System engineer, programmer, co-proposer

Experience: (17years+ in) Coding, BigData, Backend, System architecture, ADABoys_LAB team



Software & System engineer, programmer, catalyst co-proposer.

Experience: (15years+ in) Coding, Build System, SPO, FrontEnd, Run node Cardano.



Software & System engineer, programmer, IT.

Experience: (15years+ in) technology digital transformation, Coding, Build System, BackEnd, Cloud services and bigDATA.



Software & System engineer, programmer, Cardano blockchain engineer

Experience: (8years+ in) Cardano blockchain technical, Coding, Build System, BackEnd.



Software & System Engineer

Experience: (12years+ in) Master AWS, Build System on Cloud, Infra architecture



Designer, Artist, Graphics

Experience: (12years+ in) UI/UX design App Mobile, Web-frontend, Game Artist



Designer, Artist, Graphics, 3D builder

Experience: (7years+ in) 3D module build, UI/UX design App Mobile, Game Artist



System engineer, network security specialist

Experience: (17years+ in) Coding, Security, Network, CA and Catalyst co-proposer.


Responsibilities of members:

  • Consulting technology and researching solutions to solve problems appearing in the project.
  • Executing the assigned tasks in the project.
  • Develop detailed functionality of the designed application.
  • Build and deploy Apps.
  • Security, network, implementation platform.

All our proposals in Fund 9 & team members:

  1. ANIMETA | Anime Museum Metaverse
  2. Cardano NO MORE Plastic Straws |C4O
  3. ADABET.iO | Cardano Betting DApp
  4. This =>ADABET.iO |Sports Betting Mobile App
  5. IRONSKY NFT GAME | Build on Mobile

Image File

If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

We expand the features of the ADABET App as the Cardano blockchain technology evolves in the coming eras where our ideas are boundless. Our team believes that Blockchain and WEB3 technology will help us to do what the users of the ADABET App want.

Certainly, we will continue to return to the catalyst in the following rounds. Our plan is to continuously develop our products to create opportunities for investors participating in ADA holding and the Cardano community to gain the attraction of this project with sports betting lovers on the blockchain platform.

In fund 10 we will expand the platform and apply the latest updated technology of Cardano to the ADABET platform. Furthermore, we will develop a dealer network based on local Cardano communities as well as global betting communities. Help the participants on the platform see the benefits of this dApp and in the future, it will replace the way of playing on traditional platforms.

A key point for the success of the project is building smart-contracts for betting transactions and we are researching and developing, when fund 10 takes place the integration of smart-contracts into our dApp will be implemented more easily.

Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

===== Manage project development progress and indicators =====

This is a project in the overall large project ADABET.iO Platform. General project management tracking and metrics are separated.

For this project, we use the SCRUM model. In order to manage and track the progress of ADABET dApp development, we have divided specific and clear roles the project participants.

Simply put, the process we apply to ADABET development is explained as follows:

Organization: Organize project team and Roles

▪ Proposal Owner

▪ Project management (Coordinator )

▪ Development Team

Document (Artifacts): Outputs

▪ ADABET App products (List of product development functions)

▪ ADABET App tasks (List of functions to be developed for each stage)

▪ Estimation (The team's estimated result)

Process: Specifies how the project will operate

▪ ADABET App Planning meeting (Meeting to plan for each phase)

▪ ADABET App Review (Meeting to summarize for each phase)

▪ Daily ADABET Meeting (Daily review meeting)

The Proposal Owner is the person who owns the product, who decides what functions the product has who decides on the ADABET Backlog, and will be a part of the software development process.

The project manager is the person who ensures that the project's processes are implemented correctly and smoothly, helping the Team to do the best product development work.

Development Team

A team of ~10 software engineers (ADAboys LAB) is responsible for product development. The project team works with the Proposal Owner to decide what to do in this ADABET (phase) and what the results will be. At the same time, the group also discussed coming up with solutions, estimated the time to perform the work, and met to evaluate the work results. If the project is large, we will divide it into small projects.

Besides, we monitor the development of the project through indicators such as:

  • The number of tasks completed in the project.
  • The number of functions of programmed platforms.
  • The number of accounts registered to the ADABET App.
  • The number of people participating in ADABET's community channels.
  • The number of ADA wallets connected to the platform.
  • The number of participants staking per week and per month on our system.
  • The number of App versions are released.

With such a tight and dynamic software development process, we always ensure the progress of the project as well as anticipate problems. Together with the above recognizable metrics by numbers, we believe the project will be successful.

See more details of the proposal by following the link:

In addition, the community can track our project progress on project websites and community groups that we have set up specifically for the ADABET community.

What does success for this project look like?

===== Success in the funding =====

The success of the ADABET Apps is the overall success of our ADABET.iO project. We create a completely new betting platform based on the Cardano blockchain combined with the special features of WEB3. Our expectation is to make the ADABET platform truly decentralized, and the assets of End users get integrity on the blockchain. This platform will bring the property ownership experience to players, and the right to preserve the identity of bettors, it is really useful on a betting platform that needs to ensure the highest reputation. In the future, the development team is ambitious: the ADABET platform has the ability to replace the current betting platforms.

The first phase is very important for our project.

We identified certain success steps to be achieved during this phase as:

Complete data communication APIs in the system.

  • Fully built betting App features.
  • Build a wallet of the ADABET platform that serves customers to create and manage their assets.
  • Build and deploy ADABET Apps on Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Build smart contracts in staking transactions.
  • Build ADABET's App community channels.
  • Design tokenomics for the platform and release $ABE for games in ADABET.

When the project enters the marketing and release phase, we believe that many investors will be interested, and especially with the betting community, it is a worthy platform to experience development based on blockchain technology.

Make sure the benefits to the customer are defined as:

  • ADABET Apps help users quickly access services on the platform.
  • Safe and secure assets on Cardano blockchain build up on ADABET App.
  • Transaction identity is completely confidential.
  • The benefits of decentralization and community self-governance and support together.
  • Fast deposit and low fee asset transactions based on Cardano blockchain transactions, customers only wait a few seconds for the transaction to complete.

The success of ADABET Apps is to provide the best user experience, both in terms of technology, convenience, and asset safety. The project contributes to the richness of Cardano’s dApp ecosystem as well as new experiences for ADA fans and BET fans.

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

ADABET Sport Betting Mobile App is a new proposal that we submit in this Fund9.

It has nothing to do with any of our proposal in previous Funds.



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