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ANIMETA | Anime Museum Metaverse
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Building a museum displaying Anime in 3D allows it to act as a Metaverse platform along with the adoption of WEB3. Artists can create, define, & manage their Anime NFT assets on the Cardano blockchain


The demand for digitizing an Anime world is huge to NFT, Anime resources of artists are being shared without benefit by centralized platforms. Anime assets and ownership of artists are not guaranteed.

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ANIMETA | Anime Museum Metaverse

Please describe your proposed solution.

===== Summarize Solution =====

We build an anime museum like an anime world on the metaverse based on 3D technology, WEB3, and the Cardano blockchain platform. ANIMETA allows artists to code their own products in NFT and display it on the Metaverse space built as a platform. Anime artists, authors, or investors can exhibit their products in 3D and manage their own assets based on the Web3 technology we integrate into the platform.

The core technologies (NFT, WEB3, Metaverse, and Cardano blockchain) previously explored by the project development team, ensure the construction of a true art space for digital asset owners, and a new world of Anime is formed. We believe that ANIMETA helps artists satisfy their creativity, ownership, security, and forever storage in the internet space, which helps the Anime, and manga market to grow faster when they are applied using Cardano's blockchain technology.

Outstanding features that the platform will build on:

  • Allows creating and attaching NFT to Anime, Manga.
  • Allows creation and management of digital assets on the ANIMETA platform.
  • Allow exhibiting in the Anime museum metaverse space.
  • Allows trading of Anime NFTs on the platform.
  • Allows self-opening of the artist's own Anime events.
  • Allows auction of NFT artworks.
  • Allows self-registration and creation of the player's own gallery.
  • Allows holding and investing in $AME token as a token to restore games in the museum metaverse ecosystem.

ANIMETA will be a platform for Anime and Manga lovers around the world, especially the place to create the value of those artworks, this helps players and artists have guaranteed assets to continue being creative with their passions. The project contributes to the abundance of dApps on the Cardano ecosystem and attracts investors to buy and hold ada.

===== Detailed explanation of the solution =====

An art museum of Anime works built on the Metaverse space for artists and collectors to exhibit their works in 3D. Especially the works are attached with NFT codes to ensure the ownership and uniqueness of the product and its author.

The Anime industry each year brings in ~100 of billion dollars in revenue (*Report in attachment) across all platforms from TV, Internet, app stores, tapes, studios, and books, to art. It brings huge revenue, creating many jobs for illustrators and computer graphics workers.

In addition, Anime products are also a source of creative inspiration for other industries to develop such as film adaptation, music, game publishing, advertising, food, or cosplay production …

This current limitation causes the Anime industry to slow down due to the lack of royalties for artists and publishers to maintain production, rampant copying, and high intermediary costs for anime releases, that is barriers that affect the creative lives of artists as well as anime players, investors, and collectors. With our vision growing in this project ANIMETA will help to further expand the industry of Anime, Manga. By applying WEB3 technology to the platform along with 3D technology, the Anime world will have a more active and creative space in the Metaverse digital space.

What's special is that we build on the Cardano blockchain to ensure the security of NFT-tied Anime works, giving artists the freedom to create and manage their assets and distribute their work without the need to go through the middleman of managers. ANIMETA operates as a dApp platform without depending on today's traditional publishers, it ensures maximum ownership and benefits for Anime creators as well as investors and collectors.

With the combination of Anime and blockchain technology, the ANIMETA platform will move towards a broader and decentralized market with many economic sectors participating, creating jobs for more people as well as maintaining the benefits of every element in the platform to ensure the continued creativity and growth of this new Anime industry.

Image FileImage File

*Website of Anime industry statistics.

Specifically, ANIMETA will solve the following issues to promote a broader new Anime and Manga industry.

1/ Ensure the best ownership:

Based on the decentralization of the Cardano blockchain technology, the artist's assets are fully guaranteed on the blockchain, and the products are NFT-affixed so that the author's ownership cannot be lost. NFT Anime holders can freely exchange without having to go through an intermediary like this, helping to optimize their profits.

2/ Speed and time:

Currently, to release an Anime or Manga product, the artist has to go through many intermediaries and censors as well as the income from there is slow due to waiting through many stages. This reduces their creativity, with ANIMETA adopting WEB3 technology that will speed up enforcement without intermediaries, they can register their art galleries on the platform as well as receive financial value. their property. Fast transactions based on Cardano blockchain technology 24/7 and real-time for their assets.

3/ The wider community:

ANIMETA will be resonated with many communities, especially Blockchain, NFT, Metaverse, and traditional Anime loving communities. Because of this, it will bring Anime products to a wider audience of players and collectors, giving artists more creative ideas based on community contributions and trends.

4/ Collaboration:

The ANIMETA is an open platform for a wide range of participants such as publishers, studios, artists, collectors, gamers, and trend investors. All objects on the platform are guaranteed to be fair and transparent, and assets are based on Cardano blockchain technology. The ANIMETA will invite many parties to join from the beginning to create their prestigious brand on the platform as well as build their own community. Decentralized governance based on the ANIMETA community will increase democracy, ensure rights, and not be manipulated by a big power.

Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

===== Solutions to solve the above specific problem =====

About technical solutions:

We will build 3D models for the digital museum with the Metaverse concept to display Anime works. 3D modeling will apply technologies Unity 3D, Framework NET 2.0, Maya, 3DS Max, and 3D web design - it consists of 3 main parts: static model (Render), animation (Animation), and artificial intelligence.

Building the foundation for NFT integration into Anime products. Specifically, we will build a server system to operate the Cardano node network and Cardano-db-sync for creating APIs to build NFT codes. Design tokenomics and build tokens to serve in the ecosystem of the ANIMETA platform.

When applying WEB3 to the platform: We will optimally apply the features of Web3 to apply to the ANIMETA platform, in the immediate future the features that we focus on are:

  • Ubiquity
  • Semantic Web
  • Artificial intelligence
  • 3D graphics

About the content, features solution for the Anime Museum Metaverse:

Design the features of a 3D space museum for Anime where there are: Create an account, create NFT Anime products, create a gallery space, create events, create exchanges and create a community on the platform, etc…

Collaborate with traditional Anime artists involved in the Metaverse space as well as current Anime publishers. Expand connections with investors, anime collectors create assets and store, display and trade on the ANIMETA platform.

Design tokenomics to attract investors as well as create benefits for players, adding value to the ANIMETA platform (we call $AME coin). It will be used to generate rewards for players, create financial games within the platform, serve investors, market and reward, artists, product development teams, and content contributors.

Regarding legal solutions:

We are in contact with Anime, Manga publishers in Japan and Asian countries. Collaborate with professional and freelance artists who are the creators of the best Anime works. We train them and secure their intellectual property on a secure platform of the Cardano blockchain. We attach NFT to Anime works that publishers have ownership rights to digitize Anime stored on the blockchain. Convince the digital conversion of traditional Anime products to Anime NFT, purchase or sublease the distribution rights of Anime products from legal organizations.

The KPIs for the project to go straight to solving the problem are:

  • The number of people who registered an account to the space museum ANIMETA.
  • The number of anime and manga works with NFT codes.
  • The number of products displayed in the 3D space of the Anime museum metaverse.
  • The number of transactions exchanged.
  • The total asset value of Anime NFT products.
  • The number of NFT Anime listed.
  • The number of people participating in the ANIMETA community.
  • The number of artists and publishers participating in the platform.

Communication strategy:

Promote to the community that loves Anime and NFT technology, build community ANIMETA and build communication channels on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter to promote your application.

  • Create content events for the anime metaverse platform.
  • Open events online AMA sessions with the community to share information about our products.
  • Training or hiring regular media KOLs for this ANIMATE platform.

We believe that ANIMETA will bring a wider Anime world to the participants and ensure their interests and intellectual property of the content they create. In addition, the features that apply from WEB3 to ANIMETA will bring a whole new experience to end customers as well as organizations operating on this platform.

What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

===== Risk management, solutions and awareness =====

The media:

Currently, the understanding in the Anime community about NFT images is incomplete, which makes professional Anime artists still worried when participating in the development of their products, they are afraid of speculation and manipulation or another reason. what else… What confuses them is that it is understandable that blockchain technology or NFT, crypto is always not properly understood by the non-tech community. We believe that developing products with many outstanding features like ANIMETA will help Anime publishers and creators understand the true value of their products when associated with blockchain technology. It is an opportunity for us to develop the most amazing Anime museum metaverse.

ADA Coin Down:

(As with many of the projects we are developing, concerns about the falling value of ADA) When the crypto market goes down, it affects the price of ADA coin, causing the investment value in project development to decrease, which is inevitable in many projects on Catalyst. With experience from previous Funded when we were funded. We always request a 10% portion of the total project budget for project risk management, and will immediately cash out staff salaries, and expenses for key parts of the project. . This ensures that we are not affected much by the price of ADA coins. The rest of the ADA we spend on the project's ADA payments, for testnet or main-net or product listing.

Internal team:

Many projects cannot build their own development team, nor do they have long-term partners because the project does not guarantee large financial resources for outsourcing, which makes many projects on Catalyst develop slowly. , it is potentially risky. We are well aware of that and from the moment the proposal was written, it was clearly planned. We build an in-house development team and are always ready for resources to participate in the development of new projects.

Technology not yet supported:

The ANIMETA is designed with many technical pieces deeply involved in the Cardano blockchain technology, which is not easy for new entrants and can make their project look fuzzy. We built our own Cardano Nodes to delve into blockchain engineering and attended IOG Plutus, Marlow, and Haskell courses to keep up to date with the advancement of the Cardano platform. We have a team of 7 software engineers working with blockchain in ADABoys LAB. With the experience from 2 previous funds F7 and F8 we have worked a lot of hours with Cardano, which helps to accumulate a lot of experience. experience correctly identifying the techniques needed to develop this project.

Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

===== The Project Roadmap =====


  • Analysis and design system of Anime Metaverse museum.
  • Build 3D digital space modules.
  • Design the Metaverse features needed in the digital platform.
  • Design the database architecture of the platform system.
  • Build and set up Node Cardano server.
  • Build Cardano's DB-sync server.
  • Build APIs that communicate with the Cardano blockchain.
  • Detailed definition of the enhancements of the platform.
  • Design features of the ANIMETA system.

(In this section the teams involved in development: 3D design, backend, system, network, and blockchain technical team)


  • UX/UI design of ANIMETA platform.
  • Build a wallet on the Cardano blockchain for the platform.
  • Build APIs to serve mint NFT and Token $AME.
  • Design exhibition space in a 3D museum for Anime products.
  • Design tokenomics to serve the ecosystem of the ANIMETA.
  • Programming for the user interface.
  • Programming backend for the system.
  • Programming WEB3 integrated into ANIMETA.
  • Open communication channels and build a community that loves Anime NFT technology.

(In this section the teams involved in development: UX/UI, frontend, backend, system, and blockchain technical team)


  • Open ISPO campaign for NFT Cardano and Anime community
  • Programming 3D functions build up a metaverse platform.
  • Programming smart-contracts for building games and transactions work on the platform.
  • Build channels and a community for customer support.
  • Release Token $AME for using the ecosystem of the platform.
  • Deploy the ANIMETA version on PC.
  • Open a campaign to promote and introduce the 3D Anime NFT museum and Released the MVP version of ANIMETA platform.

(In this section the teams involved in development: Marketing, QA QC, frontend, backend, system and blockchain technical, and SPO team)


  • Training and guiding participants to the platform.
  • Improve the interface and functionality of the platform.
  • Grow ANIMETA's global Anime communities.
  • Extend the platform for 3rd parties to develop their content on it.
  • Calling on artist publishers to participate in opening galleries of their product collections.
  • Plan to develop mobile applications for end-users of the platform.

(In this section the teams involved in development: Marketing, frontend, backend, system, and blockchain technical team)

===== Term Success =====

Short-Term Success After 3-6 Months:

  • Finish setting up APIs for mint NFT, create assets for end-user
  • Complete creation of media and community channels for ANIMETA
  • Complete the website homepage of the platform.
  • Complete graphic designs of the platform
  • Complete basic 3D design modules.
  • Completed programming the basic functions of the platform.
  • Release of MVP version of ANIMETA platform.

Short-Term Success After 6-12 Months:

  • Complete the tokenomics design for the ANIMETA ecosystem.
  • Finished ISPO, Airdrop, whitelist user for Cardano Anime NFTs community.
  • Mint and release token $AME.
  • Complete programming of application features.
  • Release ANIMETA version 1.0 with full functions on PC.
  • Develop separate community channels for customers.
  • Open funding rounds from investors, and collector Anime NFTs.
  • Complete product marketing of phase 1

Short-Term Success After 12-24 Months

  • Reach thousands of end-users using the platform.
  • Complete product marketing of phase 2
  • Improved functionality of the platform.
  • Upgrade to version 2.0 of the ANIMETA platform.
  • Successful collaboration with publishers and professional anime artists.
  • Expanding NFT Anime-loving communities on the metaverse platform
  • Implement communication and advertising campaigns to potential customers.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

===== FUND 9 Detail Fund Allocation =====

<u>3D Builder:</u>

Tasks: (Design 3D module & Web, cooperate with frontend team to complete graphical interfaces for AMETA applications)

~ 230h x ($65/h) = 14,950

<u>Blockchain developer:</u>

Tasks: (Build a Cardano node server, Cardano-db-sync, design and build the platform's $AME token, Smart-contact coding, Analysis transaction logs, Integrate Cardano blockchain to the dApp..)

~200 x ($80/h) = 16,000

<u>System Design:</u>

Tasks: (Designing server and network infrastructure for ANIMETA platform to operate, Server system, network, security, cloud services ..)

~ 150h x ($60/h) = 9,000

<u>Graphics Design:</u>

Tasks: (Design UX/UI of Web, collaborate with frontend team to complete graphical interfaces for AMETA applications)

~ 180h x ($55/h) = 9,900

<u>Web Frontend Dev:</u>

Tasks: (Features of the platform functions, API coding, Templates build, UI/UX coding in conjunction with Design, Backend, and QA teams to perfect the product)

~ 200h x ($60/h) = 12,000

<u>Web System Backend Dev:</u>

Tasks: (Coding API, Database query, monitoring, backup system, cooperating with dev team and blockchain developer to provide available APIs, middleware)

~ 170 x ($60/h) = 10,200

<u>QA & Testing platform:</u>

Tasks: (Testnet platform, web functions testing, unit testing, security testing, collaborating with Dev teams to fix bugs and finalize the product)

~ 150 x ($40/h) = 6,000

<u>Marketing & Legal:</u>

Tasks: (Promotion of products, community building, cooperation, finding partners, investors, artists, collectors, developing markets for products, creating events for the referrals to end-users)

~ 100 x ($50/h) = 5,000

<u>Hardware</u>: (WebServer, node Cardano server, database server, storage, cloud services..)

~ 5servers x 450$x 6 months = 13,500

**<u>Risk management: </u>**Due to labor market volatility as well as cryptocurrency market volatility, we have set aside a budget for this risk of 15% of the project.

~ 96,550$(budget project) x 15% = 14,482.5

Tax(10%) now 0% by support from our government for entertainment content & IT StartUp.

Total budget: $111033

specifically, see this link of ours:

Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

===== Co-Team Members & Experiences =====

Trong Nguyen

Software, cloud engineer, Cardano AC/PA/Proposer, ADA stake pool owner, technology startups.


A software engineer and IT specialist who worked for many big IT tech firms in Japan such as GNT, ISFNet, and IBM. Experienced in software product management, and digital content with 15 years of mobile app, and mobile game development on Android and IOS. Experienced with Cardano technologies. CA and well understand the Catalyst project.

Co-Founder of

Founder of

  • Technotes.Asia | Specializing in digital transformation for advanced technology and tech startups.
  • Peafone Studio game ( | Develop game content on mobile and applications on smartphones.

Co-Proposer & Proposer of the Catalyst funded in F7, F8(cPay, 2MinApp, cBlling, Bwork, IronSky game P2E proposal)


  • Product management.
  • Digital content.
  • Project Management.
  • Software engineer.


Le Thang:

Software engineer, programmer, co-proposer

Experience: Coding, App, APIs, BackEnd, Fullstack, ADABoys_LAB team


Bao Hoa

Software & System engineer, programmer, co-proposer

Experience: Coding, BigData, Backend, System architecture, ADABoys_LAB team



System engineer, network security specialist

Experience: Coding, Security, Network, CA, and Catalyst co-proposer.



Software & System engineer, programmer, catalyst co-proposer.

Experience: Coding, Build System, SPO, FrontEnd, Run node Cardano.



Software & System engineer, programmer, Cardano blockchain engineer

Experience: Cardano blockchain technical, Coding, Build System, BackEnd.



Software & System Engineer

Experience: Master AWS, Build System on Cloud, Infra architecture



Designer, Artist, Graphics

Experience: UI/UX design App Mobile, Web-frontend, Game Artist



Designer, Artist, Graphics, 3D builder

Experience: 3D module build, UI/UX design App Mobile, Game Artist


Responsibilities of members:

  • Consulting technology and researching solutions to solve problems appearing in the project.
  • Executing the assigned tasks in the project.
  • Develop detailed functionality of the designed application.
  • Security, network, implementation platform.

All our proposals in Fund 9 & team members:

  1. This =>ANIMETA | Anime Museum Metaverse
  2. Cardano NO MORE Plastic Straws |C4O
  3. ADABET.iO | Cardano Betting DApp
  4. ADABET.iO |Sports Betting Mobile App
  5. IRONSKY NFT GAME | Build on Mobile

Image File

If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

Anime Space Museum is a big project and takes a long time to develop. We try to break down the modules to complete and raise capital in the next funds. In fund 9 we will finish building the foundation of ANIMETA and the necessary functions mentioned. In the next fund 10, we develop the ANIMETA 2.0 platform as well as develop applications for end-users on Smartphones and Tablet devices.

We have always pursued Cardano blockchain technology to apply in the development of this ANIMETA platform. The project needs the continuous promotion and support of the Cardano community as well as the lovers of anime, manga, and NFT products around the world.

Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

===== Manage project development progress and indicators =====

With experience in developing software projects and developing digital platforms on the internet, along with a team that has worked together for many years.

For this project, we use the SCRUM model. In order to manage and track the progress of ANIMETA dApp development, we have divided specific and clear roles among the project participants.

Simply put, the process we apply to ANIMETA development is explained as follows:

Organization: Organize project team and Roles

▪ Proposal Owner

▪ Project management (Coordinator )

▪ Development Team

Document (Artifacts): Outputs

▪ ANIMETA platform products (List of product development functions)

▪ ANIMETA platform tasks (List of functions to be developed for each stage)

▪ Estimation (The team's estimated result)

Process: Specifies how the project will operate

▪ ANIMETA platform Planning meeting (Meeting to plan for each phase)

▪ ANIMETA platform Review (Meeting to summarize for each phase)

▪ Daily ANIMETA Meeting (Daily review meeting)

The Proposal Owner is the person who owns the product, who decides what functions the product has who decides on the ANIMETA Backlog, and will be a part of the software development process.

The project manager is the person who ensures that the project's processes are implemented correctly and smoothly, helping the Team to do the best product development work.

Development Team

A team of 4-7 software engineers (ADAboys LAB) is responsible for product development. The project team works with the Proposal Owner to decide what to do in this ANIMETA (phase) and what the results will be. At the same time, the group also discussed coming up with solutions, estimated the time to perform the work, and met to evaluate the work results. If the project is large, we will divide it into small projects.

Besides, we monitor the development of the project through indicators such as:

  • The number of NFT-tied anime from the Cardano blockchain of the ANIMETA platform.
  • The number of NFT anime exhibited in the museum space.
  • The account number is registered to the ANIMETA.
  • The number of ADA wallets connected to the platform.
  • The number of NFT Anime investors and traders on the platform.
  • The number of NFT Anime collections listed.
  • The number of exhibition spaces and galleries built on the ANIMETA.
  • The number of people who joined the metaverse museum community for the NFT anime.

With such a tight and dynamic software development process, we always ensure the progress of the project as well as anticipate problems. Together with the above recognizable metrics by numbers, we believe the project will be successful.

See more details of the proposal by following the link:

In addition, the community can track our project progress on the Github and the community groups that we set up specifically for the ANIMETA community group.



What does success for this project look like?

===== Success in the funding =====

Success with this project:

We created a museum space displaying NFT Anime works as a Metaverse Anime background. Here Anime artists will be guaranteed ownership of works and assets on the Cardano blockchain platform without depending on other 3rd party licensors.

An ANIMETA platform that displays and stores brand new Anime works and provide a great experience, is a place where artists can unleash their creativity and passion for anime with a new space, especially if it is safe, protected, and protected. confidentiality and peace of mind for participating artists and investors.

The platform development team will be the need as well as the next step in the Anime and Manga industry around the world. A larger anime world will be formed in the future, where 3D technology, WEB3, Blockchain, and Anime art are combined.

The first phase is very important for our project.

We identified certain success steps to be achieved during this phase as:

  • Build APIs and mint NFTs.
  • Attach NFT products to that of NFT on the Cardano blockchain.
  • Build a 3D gallery space for anime works.
  • Build a wallet of the AIMETA platform that serves customers to create and manage their assets.
  • Build complete functionality of the ANIMETA platform.
  • Build smart contracts in transactions on the platform.
  • Build community channels that love ANIMETA's anime NFT.
  • Design Tokennomics for the platform and release $AME.

We believe that there will be many interested investors and especially the NFT anime-loving community and artists, it is a worthy platform to experience developed based on blockchain and metaverse technology.

Undoubtedly, the outstanding benefits of the platform define as:

  • Ensure the integrity of intellectual property rights and property of the author and Anime work.
  • Secure the identity of the author, investor, and collector.
  • The benefits of decentralization and community self-governance and support together.
  • Trading, depositing, and withdrawing are completed quickly based on the speed and time of the Cardano blockchain (usually takes seconds to complete and real-time 24/7)
  • The museum space to display Anime works in creative 3D.

The success of ANIMETA is bringing more anime artists to Cardano technology, and more investors holding ADA through our platform, attracting a lot of new people to Cardano and trading. The project contributes to the richness of the dApp ecosystem on Cardano, contributes to the development of the Anime industry, and shapes the future of digital assets for Anime.

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

ANIMETA is a brand new project that we submit in this Fund9.

It has nothing to do with any of our proposal in previous Funds.

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  • EP2: epoch_length

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

    Darlington Kofa
  • EP1: 'd' parameter

    Authored by: Darlington Kofa

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  • EP3: key_deposit

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  • EP6: pool_deposit

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  • EP7: max_tx_size

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