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Cardano NO MORE Plastic Straws |C4O
Current Project Status

We produce natural grass straws to replace plastic straws. The goal of reducing waste is plastic straws into the environment ocean. Integrate ADA payments.


Too many animals, marine life are victims and hurt by plastic straws, plastic waste entering the ocean, the environment is affected. Does Cardano know that? How does Cardano act to solve this problem?

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Cardano NO MORE Plastic Straws |C4O

Please describe your proposed solution.

===== Project Summary ======

In the “Problem statement”, we do not have enough space to describe our idea so we will make it more clear in this part.

Cardano's mission of "Making The World Work Better For All", will not stop at the slogan but also go into more practical issues and real-life projects as well as global issues including environment, waste, carbon emissions, green energy, and food.

The project “The Cardano say no plastic straws” will fulfill a part of Cardano's mission. It proposes a solution for the plastic waste problem caused by plastic straws, which are having bad impacts on the global environment, especially the marine environment.

Plastic straws seriously affect marine life by contaminating plastic molecules into the seafood that we are catching and eating every day.

Everyone might still remember how the sea turtle was killed by plastic straws as demonstrated in this youtube video __

<>After watching those images, we were really touched and immediately warned ourselves of daily activities with plastic waste.

It also reminds ADA holders like us to take responsibility for critical environmental issues around us.

Luckily, we found that natural grass straws can be a perfect alternative to plastic straws that we are using at home, in restaurants, etc…

Together with Cardano's vision that IOHK and the Catalyst community are aiming at “Making The World Work Better For All”, our slogan is “For Future, Save Earth Together !”

We discovered a natural grass straw field in the Mekong Delta – Asia and it was proof that this type of sedge grass is suitable for making straws to replace the current plastic straws that we are using.

Nature has favored this land so that Co bang (Lepironia articulata) grass can grow wildly. If you go there, you will see that it is wonderful.

<u>Natural grass straw characteristics:</u>

Why should we use co-bang (lepironia articulata) straws?

Characteristics of Co Bang (lepironia articulata) straws. Why should we use natural straws?

• No dyes.

• 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

• Biodegradable, re-composted as fertilizer for plants.

• Made of natural grass material.

• Durable and flexible.

• No chlorine chemicals.

• Single-use and biodegradable straws.

• Quickly regenerated material areas, in which it takes Co bang (Lepironia articulata) only 7-10 months to grow and be harvested.

• No plant preservatives, due to growing in an acidic alum water environment, Co bang (Lepironia articulata) is immune from pests and parasites.

• Reduction of CO2 emission and plastic waste, water, and marine pollution.

What is the value this project brings to the Cardano community?

The project connects the values of technology and life associated with the Cardano ecosystem, creating value for a civilized community and promoting global sustainable values.

In addition, the project resonates with Cardano's vision value, it directly improves the lives of farmers in the area of grass straws.

Europe, the US, and Japan are expected to completely ban plastic straws in the near future 2023. That is a huge source of customers that we want to serve, to meet the demand for grass straws to replace plastic straws.

So that project is a great choice for us at this point. Those who pay ADA for the purchase of the project's natural grass straws will benefit even more, which helps promote ADA liquidity.

Using ADA to pay for environmentally friendly products is a great idea that will inspire other people to work on new eco-friendly products.

Please describe how your proposed solution will address the Challenge that you have submitted it in.

===== Proposed Solution in this project =====

1/ Production:

Exploiting natural grass areas along with planting and developing new grass areas as materials for making grass straws: We plan to use 7-8 months-old sedge plants to make straws.

Furthermore, we will rent land for grass cultivation to develop sustainable material areas

2/ Labor:

Hire local people to join our project in growing ingredients, harvesting, and producing

3/ Marketing:

Build sales and marketing channels through product website or Facebook or launch product advertisements is well-known E-commerce sites such as eBay, Amazon

4/ Export

Besides the domestic market which aims to serve individuals, restaurants, and beverages companies, we also plan to

promote exports to other countries such as the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea where plastic straws will completely be forbidden in 2022.

5/ Reinvestment:

Profits from commercial activities will be further invested in: increasing the cultivation area, increasing the straws production volume and export orders, and hiring more farmers which contributes to boosting the area’s economy.

6/ Payment method:

We will now accept payments in cash and ADA crypto. ADA users will receive a 20% discount at the time of purchase compared to paying with fiat currency. In the future, we will only accept ADA money for the purchase of grass straws on our online store.

7/ Project website:

8/ Meaning of the project:

  • Driving the acceptance of ADA in real-life activities
  • Create more jobs to boost the local economy
  • Reduce the use of plastic straws which leads to the reduction of plastic waste dumped into the natural environment in general and in particular ocean environments for aquatic creatures.
  • Create a green environment by the constant increase of tree planting areas to help reduce CO2 emissions.
  • One more contribution of the project is using cryptocurrencies to create sustainability for the global future, which drives more acceptance of cryptocurrencies including Cardano in society.


This innovative idea hasn't been mentioned in any of the other challenges from F2 until now and we use the below KPIs to measure the progress of this project.

  • The number of areas where raw materials (Lepironia articulata grass) are grown.
  • The number of local workers to be hired.
  • The number of grass straws produced.
  • The number of products consumed and replaced by plastic straws on the market.
  • Amount of ADA paid for buying grass straws
  • The number of ADA wallets participating in the payment.
  • Other indicators that are difficult to measure such as the positive impacts on the environment, reduced amount of plastic straw waste as well as the number of green grass areas planted.
  • Global marine environment and straw user consciousness.

What are the main risks that could prevent you from delivering the project successfully and please explain how you will mitigate each risk?

===== Risk Management =====


  • In the long term, due to climate change, the Mekong Delta in Asia will be affected by drought and salinity as well as hydroelectric dams built by China and Cambodia that have blocked the natural flow, making water scarce, which will affect the development of the raw material area. It is also a global issue due to human's excessive impact on the natural environment causing a change in both plant and animal habitats.

  • The price of natural grass straws is higher than plastic straws. Furthermore, the plastic straw ban is still limited to a few developed countries

  • The cryptocurrency price fluctuation might make the project underfunded.

  • The covid-19 epidemic makes a disruption in the export and shipping chain, which might lead to a long shipping time to deliver the final product to overseas clients.


  • Regarding climate change due to drought and salinity, we propose the following solutions:

  • Digging natural water reservoirs, storing water for cultivation.

  • Maintain and protect the new raw material area to cope with changes in the natural environment.

  • Exploiting and discovering new raw material areas that have not been affected by climate change.

  • In the future, we will do experiment with varieties of plants that can adapt to new weather and soil conditions

  • Digital market price fluctuation: Our solution accepts the payment in both cash and ADA. When ADA price is volatile, there should not have negative effects on our current business.

  • Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic: It is an undeniable fact that Covid-19 is having a very bad impact on the supply chain and production. However, the supply of natural grass is abundant, and we are proactive in planting the grass ourselves.

  • Furthermore, with the increase in the number of vaccinated population as well as the adaptation to the new business model during the covid crisis, we believe the supply chain will soon be restored.

  • Finally, as we have a good team with experts in IT, eCommerce, innovative startups, and automation in manufacturing, we are confident that we will be able to adapt our business model to cope with the covid-19 crisis.

  • We admit that the price of natural grass straws is still more expensive than plastic straws. In the future when we can have our raw material area and introduce more automation in a manufacturing line, the cost will certainly decrease. In addition, the most important thing for us today is to have a both sustainable and environment-friendly economy.

Cryptocurrencies should be used to pay for things that provide benefit to both society and the environment, which is a mission of Cardano blockchain.

Please provide a detailed plan, including timeline and key milestones for delivering your proposal.

===== Details about the Project Roadmap =====

Phase 1: Initial build

This is the process to build a production and business model for natural grass straws. At this stage, we focus on building factories, and working groups, developing raw materials. and launching the first product to market.


  • Create and select natural grass material areas for straw making
  • Set up factories hire local farmers and workers
  • Set up the manufacturing process and train workers
  • Buy and start the exploitation of raw material areas
  • Set up a production team and manufacturing line for grass straws
  • Establish retail channels, SNS community channels, and e-commerce
  • Build an online shop that accepts both ADA and Cash payments
  • Design product packaging
  • Launch the first product to the market


  • Buy machinery and equipment to replace manual work
  • Increase the number of straws produced
  • Check and shape product classification
  • Printing and packaging products
  • Product promotion and marketing
  • export to foreign countries in expanding the sales growth
  • Online sale, create shop online on e-commerces.
  • Global Campaign Launch: "Cardano 4 Sea - C4S", and "Cardano SAY NO Plastic Straws"

Phase 2: Global Campaign

At this stage, we want to create a large number of products to carry out a global campaign namely “With grass straws, Cardano Says No to plastic straws”. The purpose of the campaign is to create a mindset for the community about the harmful effects of plastic straws as well as to promote Cardano's sustainable green ecosystem.


  • Continuing "Cardano 4 Sea - C4S" and, "Cardano SAY NO Plastic Straws"
  • Harvest planting materials from the beginning of the project (harvest period is about 7-8 months)
  • Hire more local workers
  • Expansion of factories and manufacturing lines
  • Increase the export of grass straws to foreign countries
  • Planting new material areas
  • Launch marketing and communication campaign about grass straws


  • Lobby other countries to completely ban plastic straws.
  • Support and transfer the knowledge and skills about grass straws manufacturing.
  • Provide communication and export support for partners.
  • Fully integrated ADAPay for payment.
  • Continuing the global campaign: "Cardano 4 Ocean - C4O" and "Cardano SAY NO Plastic Straws"

===== Term Success =====

Short-Term Success After 3-6 Months:

  • Build material areas.
  • Finished construction of the production line factory.
  • Production activities and operation of the production process of grass straws.
  • Create 10 jobs for local workers.
  • Exporting ~100K of grass straws is equivalent to reducing nearly ~100K of plastic straws in the market.
  • Building a community "Cardano says no to plastic straws".
  • Building an online website to promote and sell glass weeds to make straws.
  • Trial payment integration with ADA for buying grass straws.

Mid-Term Success After 6-12 Months:

  • Integrating ADA payments in commercial transactions
  • Expanding X3 the material area
  • Double expansion of factories and machines
  • X3 more jobs for local workers
  • Export ~1M of grass straws

Long-Term Success After 12-24 Months:

  • Top #1 grass straw provider in the world payment by crypto.
  • Create a good image and reputation for the Cardano community in building a sustainable life and environment for the future.
  • Maintaining exports, labor, customers, and raw material areas for continuous growth.

Please provide a detailed budget breakdown.

===== Fund 8 Detail Fund Allocation =====

We start the project with the capital for the first 6 months are the following costs:

  • Hire local labor:

10 x 400$/month x6 = 24,000$

  • Factory renting & construction:

2000$ x6 = 12,000$

  • Marketing:

1000 x6= 6,000$

  • Maintenance and repair:

500$ x6 =3,000$

  • Electricity, water, internet..:

500$ x6 =3,000$

  • Export procedures and laws:

700$ x6 =4,200$

  • Invest in raw materials, planting grass:

4,000$ x6 = 24,000$

  • Buy a straw cutter and wash:

(3500$/24months) x6 = 875$

  • Dryer and lazer sterilization machine:

(4000$/24months) x6 = 1000$

  • Tools:

(1,500$/12Month) x3 = 750$

  • Provision for the risk of average price fluctuations of ADA and transaction fees of 10% of the total project budget during the payment days.

78,825 X 10% = 7,882.5$

  • Export tax: 0$ (*Because our country encourages people to develop and export eco-friendly products)
  • Webshop online and created a shop on Amazon online: 3,000$ (No call funding) (*Because, We have invested in web sales and opened stores on amazon Japan )

Total budget: $86708

Please provide details of the people who will work on the project.

===== Co-Team Members =====

We have members who have set up start-ups and are experts in IT and eco-friendly products. This project gives us a great motivation to work for a common global future.

- Trong*:* Project Founder with 15+ years of experience in information technology and start-ups, e-commerce, mobile content digital, a game studio, and environmentally friendly products. He will be in charge of materials, products and production processes, product packaging, and quality control.


- Tuan*:* In charge of e-commerce and community operations, He has been working for over 15 years in the software development industry and is the main engineer running the following ADA stake pool operator of Technotes Asia Pool.


-HoangDang: has many years of experience in international trade and the export of goods.

Participating in the project with the role of developing brands and products for the global market.

He is active in the field of education and human resource development projects. He is also a lover of new technology and eco-friendly products made from nature.

ADABoys LAB: A group of technology experts (7 members), especially focusing on Cardano blockchain, will support ADA payment integration and interaction with e-commerce systems.

With the project that has been Funded 7 cPay - ADA payment on the COTI platform, F8: cBilling, IronSky, the ADAboys LAB team can fully integrate with shops and other e-commerce platforms.

Technotes Asia Pool provides technical support and is an ADA pool operator for the Asia region.

All our proposals in Fund 9 & team members:

  1. ANIMETA | Anime Museum Metaverse
  2. This =>Cardano NO MORE Plastic Straws |C4O
  3. ADABET.iO | Cardano Betting DApp
  4. ADABET.iO |Sports Betting Mobile App
  5. IRONSKY NFT GAME | Build on Mobile

Image File

We are also active on the Weforum forum for reducing waste and plastic straws in the ocean.


Above all, we are nature-loving people, passionate about technology. We shared the same mission which is aimed at connecting people and technologies for a better world.

If you are funded, will you return to Catalyst in a later round for further funding? Please explain why / why not.

As in our plan described in detail above. We continue to implement phase 2 of the project in the next Fund 10 to continue calling for the Catalyst Community to be interested in the Cardano project related to solving this plastic straw waste. Cardano's vision and mission will help drive new developments for our next proposal, Our project will need continued support from the community as well as catalyst funds in the coming funds for until we independently act as a global plastic straw reduction fund to expand the campaign beyond the Cardano community.

Please describe what you will measure to track your project's progress, and how will you measure these?

1/ Public SNS channels will be used to exchange project progress and information with the community such as:

  • Community activities: Telegram, Facebook…

please follow us on FB:

  • Retail and export orders as well as e-commerce activities selling online.
  • Website: and Amazon <,> eBay …
  • Project Management Tool: We use ClickUp to manage the project tasks among members as well as monitor the development of the project.
  • We will apply manual manufacturing processes incorporating light industry into the operation.
  • In addition, ISO standards and occupational safety indicators were established from the very beginning. Standards on fire prevention are also thorough in the management and operation of production..

2/ Our project timelines:

  • 3-6 months: Build up the grass planting area
  • 2-4 months: Manufacturing chain setup and installation of machinery and equipment
  • 1 month: Start the grass straw production
  • 1-3 months: Hire 10 local workers
  • 4-7 months: Selling out ~100K of grass straws to the market
  • 1-3 months: Building the community “Cardano says no to plastic straws”.
  • 3-6 months: Build an online shop to promote and sell weed straws.
  • 3-6 months: Trial payment integration in ADA for buying grass straws.
  • 5-8 months: Export ~1M natural grass straws.

3/ Break-Even Point in this Funding:

We apply the following break-even calculation formula:

Q_BE = F/(r-v)

In there:

(F): Total fixed costs 6 month = 86708$

(v): Variable costs per unit (Straw)= 0.035$

(r): Sales price per unit (Straw)= 0.095$

(Q_BE): Break-Even Point (Units):

Q_BE = F/(r-v) = 86,708/(0.095-0.035)

= 1,445,100(Straws)

This means we need to sell just over 240,850 grass straws in 1 month, to reach the break-even point.

With the intention of bringing to the market 100K grass straws/month

  • We will reach return investing in the 10th-12th month for first the 6-months investment of Fund9.
  • If we give ADA payers a 20% discount on weed straws. To create liquidity motivation for ADA coin. Then we need more one year to pay back the first 6 months’ investment.

You will find more information about the project at this link:

What does success for this project look like?

===== We Success =====

— Together with the Cardano 4 Climate (C4C) program, we campaign for the Cardano 4 Ocean (C4O) program.

  • Create a mindset in the Cardano community that says no to plastic straws.
  • We can produce a grass straw product to replace plastic straws based on the funding from Cardano
  • We create an economic model to bring natural products associated with ADA cryptocurrency, build a commercial website for the product.
  • We only rely on the funding in the first year. From the second year, we expect to run the business independently without having to ask for another round of funding.
  • The project will create more jobs for local people, which contribute to the growth of the local economy, land and water resources projection from climate change.
  • One of the biggest successes of the project is creating a good mindset for those who want to apply for Cardano funding to develop other eco-friendly products.
  • In the future, with profits gained from current business, we will continue to invest in other similar business models based on the experience and knowledge gained from this project.

ADA Funded =>Creating raw materials => Exploiting production

=>Checking product quality and packaging

=> Trading and exporting, bringing to the consumer market

=> Process improvement & reinvestment from revenue

=> ADA profit (recycle investing) =>

=> Marketing continues to grow raw materials (The product life cycle is repeated.)..

*(You can see the picture I attached to get a better idea of our business model.)

In short, the project is successful in all participants and everyone wins Win-Win-Win…

  • Farmers have jobs.
  • The Cardano has more liquidity for ADA holders.
  • The environment is not damaged by plastic straws.
  • Proposers and implementers add creative impetus.
  • Create good effects for society about cryptocurrency and its purpose.
  • Increase green area, reduce CO2, and retain water.
  • And win more …

Especially, I will give away 20 grass straws to those who want to try this product of ours.

— Samples can be shipped to interested customers, *note that the shipping cost will be incurred by customers.

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

===== SAY NO Platis Straws to Save Earth Together ! =====

  • The idea of this project is new to Catalyst funding and has not been presented in any other projects from F1 to F9.
  • Cardano uses a proof of stake mechanism which is environmentally friendly. Using Cardano blockchain for natural grass straws payment is a perfect combination for sustainable growth.
  • We look forward to collaborating with like-minded community members and are happy to support businesses and individuals implementing similar projects with all knowledge and skills we have.
  • We believe that the Natural Grass Straws Project will provide the best alternative product to replace plastic straws and it will be a successful project funded by the Catalyst community.
  • Let's act early so we don't have to pay a heavy price in the future!
  • If you find this project practical and good for your life and the environment, please vote to make it a reality. Please join us to protect the Earth.

Mail to: [email protected]

Vote for the future of a Blue Ocean again! No more plastic straw please!

=== Thank you for taking the time to read & comment on our project! ====

Please provide information on whether this proposal is a continuation of a previously funded project in Catalyst or an entirely new one.

Here is the proposal we submitted at Fund8:

At Fund8 we submitted the Miscellaneous challenge.

When entering the voting round, we have 17 assessments from community advisors with a score of 4.4

With 154 wallets voted for our project with a total of 34 million ADA with 53% voter yes.

Unfortunately, the fund at that time was not enough to finance this project.

But that also helps us to have more time to complete the project, as well as the main recommendation according to the advice from the comments of the community advisor, really we thank the efforts from the CAs, vCAs community contributed ideas to our project.

We have adjusted the time and funding of the project, which ensures less risk to the project and ensures its successful execution.



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