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How to stake your ADA


ADA held on the Cardano network is a stake. When you stake your ADA, you earn rewards for supporting the ecosystem. The process to stake your ADA is as easy as 1-2-3.


Create a Yoroi wallet


Send ADA to your wallet


Delegate to Lido Nation!

Create a wallet on Yoroi Yoroi is a digital wallet for ADA. You can Use Yoroi as a browser extension on your computer, or as an app on your phone. On your computer * Navigate to * Install browser extension for your browser (ie Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

On Your Phone

  • Install Yoroi app from your app store. Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Launch the app or browser extension.

Select language and accept the terms agreement, select "Simple" setup experience, select "Cardano" as the currency.

Select "Create Wallet". Enter a wallet name and spending password.

Copy the recovery phrase by hand

This phrase is your only access to your wallet.

Write carefully, and store it safely in multiple locations.

Enter the recovery phrase by clicking the buttons

Send ADA to your wallet

First, in Yoroi:

Click the Receive tab.

Copy the address to the clipboard by clicking the copy button to the right of the address.

Next, in Coinbase:

Click the Send/Receive button. Click the "Send all" button or type in the amount you'd like to send. Paste the address from Yoroi into the "To" field.

Select Cardano in the "Pay with" field. Click "Continue".

Confirm details of the transaction and click "Send now". You may need to perform a 2-step verification.

You did it!

It may take a few minutes for the transaction to be processed by the network.

Delegate to Lido Nation

In Yoroi:

Click on the Delegation tab.

In the search box Search for lido and click the Delegate button for LIDO

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Is there a minimum or maximum amount that one can stake with Lidonation

Darlington Kofa

While we don’t have a minimum amount that one can stake with us, a lot of wallets require a minimum of 5 ADA balance to be able to start delegating if you’ve never done it before. The maximum amount to total stake that a pool can have is 64 Million ADA. We don’t have a maximum!

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how can i delegate to Lido Nation and am i assuared to gain profit

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You can support the work we do by delegating to the LIDO pool, pickup a ware in our bazaar, or sponsor a podcast episode.

Lido Nation: Origin Story

The Lido Nation staking pool launched on the Cardano mainnet in December 2020. From there, a couple of dreamers started to talk about what our little corner of the network should look like. As a pair of curious birds, who get excited about learning and sharing knowledge, we noticed that there wasn’t enough of the kind of material we wanted to read about blockchain, and Cardano.

So we started to write it!
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