Project Catalyst Fund 12 Proposal: Cardano Compass

Comparison Charts for a Web3 World

When you are trying to choose between product and service providers, few things are as handy as a comparison chart to help you quickly decide which tool or service is right for you. Whether you’re scanning for the features you need or the price point you can afford, comparison charts have your back.

Except for a few big problems: everything changes so fast! New products come on to the market every day, and well-established tools are rapidly growing and evolving. A comparison chart that is super helpful today will be obsolete before you know it. Not only that, but a good comparison takes a lot of work and research to create, and there are few natural incentives for people to do this never-ending job.


We have an idea to solve this problem, and we are calling it Cardano Compass.

Imagine a platform where Cardano users collaborate to create and maintain up-to-date, comprehensive comparison charts of all the products and services within the ecosystem. On Cardano Compass, verified users with vetted reputation earn incentives for contributing their expertise. Products and services can advertise their wares in a relevant, grounded space, where people come to find reliable information. From developers to newcomers, everyone can access updated, accurate comparisons to make informed decisions.

How Does It Work?

Cardano Compass introduces a tiered role system where users can engage at various levels:

Website Users can browse and comment on existing charts.

Verified Users can create new charts, add items, and initiate bounties for missing information.

Reputation Users are tasked with the ongoing research and updates to the charts, funded by these bounties. Holding this role, as the name suggests, depends on building and maintaining a reputation for responsiveness and reliable work.

Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork

We’re currently hoping to launch the foundational concept phase with Project Catalyst Fund 12, in the Concept category. The initial phase of Cardano Compass involves setting up the foundational infrastructure and developing starter charts for a couple categories as a “proof of concept.” This phase is crucial for building, testing and refining the platform before scaling up.

Join Us on This Journey

You can read more about Cardano Compass on our Fund 12 Proposal:

Or you can read through the product roadmap here:

If you are excited to use Cardano Compass, please vote for us in Fund 12!

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